Add or Edit Fire Station Information

While we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date fire station information, fire station names, locations, contact information and staffing changes on a regular basis. staff, fire department personnel, insurance professionals and the general public all make contributions to keep our database relevant. As you use this service, if you find information that is incorrrect or out of date, please let us know. We will verify your submission and update our database. Then, the next time you use the service, you will get more accurate results.

How to suggest an edit on the nearest fire station page:

  Add Missing fire station

This button is pretty self explanitory... It opens a form to enter information on a fire station that's not in our database.

- Edit fire station information

If you find an incorrect fire station name, address, phone number, etc, you can suggest an edit. Once verified, the updated fire station will be added or corrected and future searches will provide better results.

- Delete closed fire station

While most errors can be corrected with the edit button, sometimes a fire station (Ex: Somewhereville fire staiton 3) physical location is closed permenantly and the fire station is no longer uses. In this case, deleting the fire staiton is the only option.