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Note: This site uses cookies to personalize content, ads, provide social media features, and improve user experience. We have also updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on 03-9-19. is designed for insurance agents, insurance underwriters, insurance inspectors and homeowners seeking to find or verify insurance application risk information. The closer the fire station is to the insured address typically means a faster response and a lower risk. Enter an address to map the 3 nearest fire stations within 20 miles, ordered by driving distance. Resulting include driving distance, approximate drive time, fire station name, address, phone, volunteer/paid status and a link to see more info on

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Pro Tips

See mapping routes
Click on the fire station map marker to see the driving route to the insured address.

Drive time doesn't equal response time
Response time includes putting on gear, locking the doors and loading onto the truck, in addition to drive time. But, most firefighters from volunteer fire stations respond from home, so response time also needs to consider volunteer drive time from their home to the fire station.

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