About Fire Insurance Report

Fire Insurance Report goal is to provide quality, transparent and verifiable emergency response risk information for insurance professionals. The design of this site was based on the feedback of hundreds of insurance professionals seeking more up-to-date information & perplexed by a mysterious 1 to 10 rating system.

Fire Insurance Report was launched in March of 2019 as a spin-off of FireDepartment.net's nearest fire station page. For over 10 years, FireDepartment.net has been providing a free service helping fire departments get online and recruit volunteers. We believe communities are safer when they have a strong fire service that is active in the community (online, attending events, visiting schools, hosting fundraisers, etc). This is especially true in small towns that don't need and can't afford to staff fire stations 24/7. In small towns with less than 2,500 residents, over 95% of firefighters are volunteers. Our goal is to help all fire departments, expecially volunteer fire departments connect with their communities.

In 2014, FireDepartment.net added the nearest fire station page to help community members find their local fire station. Unexpectedly, insurance agents started using this service. First a few hundred requests a month, then thousands and now tens of thousands. In August, 2018, Google began charging a substantial fee for mapping services and as a result of these fees, it became neccesary to build fireinsurance.report to help offset these fees while maintaining a very popular service.

Help us help fire departments

fireinsurance.report's purpose is to provide the best insurance risk information. But, we still maintain our overriding goal of help fire departments. As insurance professionals we'd like to ask for your help:

  • Help keep our database up-to-date - Out-of-date information affects millions of visitors a year. Insurance professionals and community members both benefit from accurate information. As you make edits, each susequent policy related searches will become more accurate. Your updates also help community members seeking help or interested in becoming volunteers.
  • Make a donation or sponsor a program - FireDepartment.net is a free service to help fire departments get online and recruit volunteers. Community members seeking fire department information are people concerned about their safety. An insurance policy gives piece of mind because it is a safety net. Sponsors have the option of promoting their contribution in front of millions of safety minded people.
  • Become a volunteer firefighter - Volunteering as a firefighter will make your community safer. As a volunteer, you will make friends, meet people in your community, gain a better understand of insurance risk and improve your community's fire service performance. These are all valuable experiences for a career minded insurance professional.


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FireDepartment.net is a free service that helps fire departments get online and recruit volunteers. Fire Insurance Report is operated by FireDepartment.net and Fire Insurance Report uses FireDepartment.net's data to power fire station risk information queries. Together both websites employ crowd-sourcing tools for insurance agents, community members and fire personnel to keep the fire department and insurance risk databases as up-to-date as possible.

Become a Business Partner

If you're interested in sponsoring or promoting FireDepartment.net or offering a free or discounted product or service to fire departments across the country, we want to hear from you. In exchange for your assistance, we'll promote your contribution on our websites (with millions of annual visitors).