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Nearest Fire Station - Ad Supported

Find the distance (Geodesic) to the 3 nearest fire stations. This method is less accurate, but has a low enough cost that we can provide it free of charge (when ad supported).

Nearest Fire Station Pro

Find the driving distance to the 3 nearest fire stations. Results show fire station name, driving distance, contact info and volunteer/paid status. 10 cents per search.

In August, 2018, Google began charging a substantial fee for mapping services and as a result of these fees, we've had to make some changes. We were able to keep the free (ad supported) nearest fire station page that now calculates distance using Geodesic distance (measuring as the crow flies). The new Pay Per Use nearest fire station page calculates driving distance and gives an estimated drive time. New users get 30 free searches to test the paid service. Additional searches will cost 10 cents per address searched and if a search doesn't return a fire station within 5 miles, the search is free.

Time Saving

Finding the nearest fire station can be time consuming when you rely on search engines. streamlines the nearest fire station search.


If your team uses multiple sources to find data, you will get varying levels of accuracy. provides consistency and enables you to make corrections to improve future results.

Accurate Results

Our staff, insurance professionals and fire personnel regularly make edits to improve's emergency response database. Each edit improves future search results.

Team Billing

Create a team manager account to add team members. Team member usage is billed to the team manager's account, simplifying payments and saving your team time.

Team Tracking

In order to join a team and use team funds, you must authorize your team manager to monitoring your activity. Team members can temporarily disable monitoring by switching to be a 'single user'.

Quality Control

Fire Station names, locations, contact info and staffing changes regularly. Our staff, fire department personnel & insurance professionals all contribute to keep this database up-to-date.
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Coming Soon - Nearest Fire Hydrant

If you enjoy the nearest fire station page, you'll love the nearest fire hydrant page. We'll provide more details when this page is in testing. Estimated completion early 2020